• NFCC works closely with relevant Government counterparts to complement and supplement the Government of Nepal National Cervical Cancer Screening and Prevention Program to ensure every Nepali woman between the age of 30-60 years has access to cervical cancer screening and thereafter, if required appropriate care and treatment.

    Some of the work that we have worked on with Government of Nepal are:

    1. GAVI HPV Vaccination Demonstration Project

    In 2011, NFCC lobbied with the Family Health Division to apply for the GAVI HPV Vaccination demonstration project which was not fruitful as the relevant government agencies felt they were not technically ready to embark on such an undertaking. NFCC continued to lobby with concerned stakeholders as well as brought the topic up for discussions during the NCIP workshops. In 2013, WHO Nepal/Immunization department and Child Health Division with approval from the Ministry of Health formally applied for the GAVI Demonstration Project. NFCC was continuously consulted with by WHO Nepal in the preparation of this application which was approved by GAVI for implementation in 2014. NFCC was closely involved with the GAVI HPV Vaccination Demonstration Project planning, implementation and monitoring.

    2. HPV Technical Working Group

    In 2014, the Ministry of Health established a working group to help guide the process of piloting the HPV Vaccine Demonstration Project as well as the complementary cervical cancer screening in the target communities. NFCC was the only NGO member of the HPV Technical Working Group which comprises of all relevant government agencies, UNFPA, UNICEF and WHO Nepal.

    3. Adolescent Health Assessment

    From the three deliverables put forward by the GAVI HPV Vaccination Demonstration Project, the Government of Nepal was required to conduct an adolescent health assessment. This assessment included a detailed study of all adolescent health interventions implemented across Nepal, what interventions could be linked to the HPV vaccination project and a strategy for the integration of adolescent health interventions with the HPV vaccination as well as its scale up nationally. NFCC was contracted to do this assessment by FHD and supported by WHO Nepal.

    4. Update of National Implementation Plan for Cervical Cancer Screening and Prevention

    NFCC was selected by the Family Health Division and contracted by UNFPA to update National Implementation plan for cervical cancer screening and prevention in consultation with relevant stakeholders for the year of 2016-2020 both in Nepali and English. The previous version of the Implementation Plan was developed in 2012 and expired in 2015.

    5. Integration of cervical cancer screening into RH camps conducted by the FHD in all districts

    NFCC has been lobbying for the integration of cervical cancer screening into reproductive health services with the RH camps conducted by FHD is an ideal platform to do so. While the integration of cervical cancer screening into the RH camps has already been included in the Implementation Plan developed by NFCC for FHD, NFCC continues to advocate for this and explore ways to work with the Government of Nepal on this.

    6. Creation of National Database of trained VIA providers

    NFCC has been developing a database of all health personnel who have been trained by the Government of Nepal to provide cervical cancer screening using VIA. The purpose of this database is to help Family Health Division have access to the list of trained current providers. The database also provides the basis to further analyze reasons why trained persons who either never started or stopped screening services and the reasons for the same. NFCC works with FHD to continually update this list.

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